In the field of control and supervision were implemented several significant applications using industrial controllers.

  1. Control Center VMA, Belgrade - Modified programmable controller PA2000 is installed as a central computer for controlling and monitoring substations to regulate the condition of building subsystems: microclimate, fire alarm system, operation of lifts, flow of medical gasses, etc.
  2. DP-HIP "Azotara", Pancevo - Distributed network PA2000 and four controllers PA100 controls the operation of four lines for packaging fertilizer.
  3. Thermal Power Plant Kostolac - PA2000 and dedicated operator panel designed at the Lola Institute was used in the application "System MRU and central monitoring for heating system of Pozarevac".
  4. Cardboard packaging factory DAAZ, Russia - Programmable controller PA100 was used for controlling plant packing.
  5. Insulation material factory, Surdulica - PA100 controlling the temperature of the plant production line for insulating materials.
  6. VTI, Belgrade - Distributed network PA2000 and CNC constitute device for testing pilot uređaj za testiranje pilota aviona.
  7. UFA MEDIA - System to display advertisment at the sports fields.
  8. TEKOM, Belgrade - Reconstruction and improvement of the system for lifting and lowering of targets at shooting ranges.
  9. VMI Batajnica - Reconstruction of the main drive unit for the spatial disorientation of pilots.
  10. MAKIS - Developed programs for the automatic filtering of the water plant.
  11. Corun, Uzice - Programming system for measuring machine Johanson CE.
  12. Republic Hydrometeorological Service of Serbia - Panel to display meteorological parameters.
  13. Lola Institute - The station for testing and analysing rolling element bearings.
  14. Gorenje Tiki, Stara Pazova - Automation of packaging lines and testing water heaters.
  15. Thermal Power Plant Kostolac - Installation, testing and commissioning of the heat exchanger-pump station (II phase).
  16. Gosa FOM, S. Palanka - Retrofit of horizontal drilling and milling machines, type WHN 13B.
  17. PES Surdulica - Reconstruction line for automatic rotor coil reeling DAW 300.
  18. VMI Batajnica - Automation of the human centrifuge and acquisition and display of biomedical signals.