The LOLA INSTITUTE organized it on 20-21. June 2023, in Hotel Metropol, Belgrade, the first international meeting of the first working group (WG1) COST Action CA21169 DYNALIFE, entitled Modeling Information Flow in Biological Coding Systems, which was co-located with the Belgrade Bioinformatics Conference (BelBi2023). The meeting was organized by the Department of Computational Bioengineering of the LOLA INSTITUTE led by Dr Nataša Mišić, who is also the leader of WG1 CA21169 DYNALIFE, with the help of Prof. Branko Dragović from the Mathematics Institute SANU. Financial support to the local organizer LOLA INSTITUTE was provided by Grant Holder CA21169 DYNALIFE, which is located at the University of Bozen-Bolzano in Italy.

The meeting was formally opened by the Assistant Minister for Science, Dr Marina Soković, scientific advisor of the Institute for Biological Research “Siniša Stanković”. During the two-day meeting, a total of 38 researchers from 17 European countries, as well as the USA and Mexico, participated. During the meeting, the latest research results of fundamental scientific problems related to understanding functional biological information, modelling the genetic code, protocells and the dynamics of complex bioinformational processes, as well as the origin of life, were presented. In order to spread the historical and cultural heritage, the participants visited the Nikola Tesla Museum and had a joint dinner. The meeting was evaluated as very successful by the participants, and at the same time, it launched several collaborations and initiatives, so the goal of this meeting to further consolidate and increase the activity of the working group WG1 CA21169 DYNALIFE was largely fulfilled.

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On March, 4th, 2020, the representatives of JINR from Dubna (, Semjon Mitrofanov, Vasilij Semin and Maksim Bičkov, together with the representative of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce, Nenad Dragović (, as well as the coordinator of cooperation, Petar Beličev, PhD, from INN Vinča (, as part of the Days of the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research in Serbia, have visited Lola Institute (LI), a member of Serbian Accelerator Technology Group. LI researchers, Radomir Radiša, Ivana Vasović Maksimović, PhD, and Dragan Pavlović, PhD, have presented Li former results. The meeting was also attended by the director of LI, Srećko Manasijević, PhD, as well as several other researchers. The possibilities of cooperation with JINR were discussed at the meeting.

The organizers of the Days of the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research in Serbia were: Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development, Serbian Chamber of Commerce, Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts, and Vinča Institute of Nuclear Sciences. This event was held on March 5-6, 2020, at the premises of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts (

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Nenad Dragović (PKS), Srećko Manasijević, PhD (LI), Petar Beličev, PhD (INN Vinča), Vasilij Semin, Maksim Bičkov, and Semjon Mitrofanov (JINR), Ivana Vasović Maksimović, PhD, Dragan Pavlović, PhD, Velimir Komadinić and Radomir Radiša (LI).

On the 3rd of June 2016 we were delighted to welcome Professor Yasuhiro Takaya from Department of Mechanical Engineering of Osaka University, Japan. In the pleasant atmosphere, presentations were held in which we introduced Professor Takaya with research activities of our Institute, especially with Machine tools and Robotics departments, as well as future research and development directions of our Institute.

We proudly inform the scientific society and our business partners that Lola Institute Ltd. was granted full membership of EFFRA on March 7th 2014, being the first and only member from SEE region. EFFRA (The European Factories of the Future Research Association) is a non-for-profit, industry-driven association promoting the development of new and innovative production technologies. It brings together the most eminent research organisations, universities, industrial enterprises and trade associations from across Europe. The key objective of EFFRA is to promote the implementation of the “Factories of the Future” - a research programme worth over €1 billion, launched by The European Commission. Supported through the Horizon 2020, the overall aim of this programme is to enable a more sustainable and a more competitive European industry.

More information on EFFRA and the ‘Factories of the Future’ can be found on:

ENG - Posle dobrog prijama članka o zaposlenim u institutu u Politikinom Magazinu i ekipa iz Beogradske hronike je izrazila želju da napravi intervju sa zaposlenima u sektoru Robotika Lola instituta o zanimanju programer robota.
Snimak je napravljen u uzbudljivoj atmosveri i emitovan je istog dana (04-11-2011) u emisiji Beogradska hronika na RTS 1.

Glavna tema je ponovo bila broj mladih devojki radi ovaj visoko stručan i odgovoran posao, koji se obično svrstava u muški posao.