Computer Controlled Systems (shortened CCS) department provides support in the implementation of modern solutions and infrastructure, a large number of users. We are able to provide the best solution to any challenge within your company. In the past 30 years of cooperation with our customers we have implemented and integrated a number of different products and solutions. In cooperation with our partners, we have extensive experience in all aspects of our activity, which makes us able to render our customers efficient and profitable.

Group CCS Lola Institute specializes in the implementation of Siemens programmable controllers, both in individual and in network configurations. Following the world trends in the development of control systems are primarily aimed at standardization, design and networking, our group is especially dedicated to the methods and tools for designing (flowcharting), such as CFC (Continuouss Function Chart, optional package STEP7) and SFC (Sequential Function Chart, integrated into the ISaGRAF) and industrial networks (PROFIBUS). 
SCADA system is the primary means of interaction between man and controlled systems. Team CCS may, as you wish, make a SCADA application in one of the popular SCADA packages (FIX, WinCC), designing and programming chosen supervision system and allow connection of programmable controllers and SCADA systems that you choose.

What can we do for you?

  1. Development of PLC and SCADA applications;
  2. Research and developmental activities in the field of PLC controllers;
  3. Development of business applications;
  4. Software reengineering;
  5. Consulting services related to development of information systems;
  6. Educational courses.


Specialized courses

  1. Methods of programming PLC controllers;
  2. Application of control and supervisory systems;
  3. Realization of control systems using standard IEC 1131-3;
  4. Modern communications technology.