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Ivana Vasović Maksimović, PhD
Senior Research Associate


E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.    

Fields of interest

Fracture Mechanics, Life Assessment, Determination of the Stress Intensity Factor (SIF) using Finite Element Method (FEM), Welding.


2008. Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, University of Belgrade, Serbia

Title:  Graduated Mechanical Engineer.

2015. Doctoral dissertation, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, University of Belgrade, Serbia

Title: PhD in Technical Science; Ph.D.

2015. Training of International Welding Engineers (IWE), Institute Gosa in Belgrade, Serbia

Title: International Welding Engineer (IWE)

2016. Training of International Welding Inspectors- C level (IWI), Institute Gosa in Belgrade, Serbia

Title: International Welding Inspector- C level (IWI-C)


 Research Associate


TR 34028 

  1. "Research and optimization of technological and functional performance of the ventilation mill in thermo power plant Kostolac B"

TR 35045

  1. " Scientific and technological support for improving the safety of special road and rail vehicles"
  2. Wtech Project "Technology Transfer and Innovation Centre for Advanced Welding Technologies, Material Science and Application of Engineering software", WP coordinator
  3. PARTECH Project "Partnership and technological support for cooperation between R&D and SMEs in the border region"



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Development solutions

  1. Катарина Максимовић, Миодраг Јанковић, Стеван Максимовић, Владимир Зељковић, Драган Милосављевић, Ивана Васовић; „Процена преосталог века конструкција применом густине енергије деформације“; http://www.fink.rs/sajt/Downloads/tehnicka_resenja/TR-55.pdf
  2. Катарина Максимовић, Миодраг Јанковић, Стеван Максимовић, Владимир Зељковић, Драган Милосављевић, Ивана Васовић; „П2_ГЕД СОФТВЕР ЗА ПРОЦЕНУ ПРЕОСТАЛОГ ВЕКА КОНСТРУКЦИЈА КОРИСТЕћИ МЕТОД ГУСТИНЕ ЕНЕРГИЈЕ ДЕФОРМАЦИЈЕ“; http://www.fink.rs/sajt/Downloads/tehnicka_resenja/TR-56.pdf
  3. Bore Jegdić, Biljana Bobić, Ivana Vasović, Dodavanje azota zaštitnom gasu u cilju povećanja otpornosti prema piting koroziji zavarenih spojeva nerđajućih čelika klase CrNi18-10, IHTM, Beograd 2017.


English language

Membership in professional bodies

  1. Membership of Society for the Improving of Welding in Serbia (DUZS),
  2. Membership of Serbian Society of Mechanics SSM
  3. Membership in the program committee of international conferences of Serbian Society of Mechanics- FOURTH SERBIAN (29TH YU ) CONGRESS ON THEORETICAL AND APPLIED MECHANICS, 4TH -7TH OF JUNE 2013, HOTEL BREZA - VRNJAČKA BANJA, SERBIA