The concept of 5-axial vertical turning machining center


In order to achive motion movement identical to motion along the y-axis, which on vertical lathe don't exist , working table have capability of separation from the main drive and connecting to the feed drive.
This would generate the C-axis machines, whose rotating and moving the x axis according to the appropriate law comes movement, which corresponds to motion along the y axis.
In this way the movement is obtained which corresponds to motion in the xy plane.
Pinola machine, which carries a lathe tool, is replaced by the turning, milling and drilling unit with its own drive.
By this vertical lathe gets the ability to process as if it is a triaxial vertical miling machine.


Coordinate systems of machine parts

LinkVariabled [mm]α [°]θ [°]
1 d1 [mm] d1const α1=90°, α'1=90° θ1 [°]
2 d2 [mm] 0 0 0
3 θ3 [°] 0 α3=90° θ3pom=90°
4 θ4 [°] 0 α4=-90° 0
C c [°] 0 0 0

The parameters of machine parts


Transformation graph of the 5 axis vertical lathe machining center