Activities of the Institute in this field is used in the electric power industry, ferrous and non-ferrous industry, metal processing industry, coal production, processing industry, etc..

The program of activities includes the following main groups of projects:

1. Designing, implementing and running system for preventive maintenance planning

The program includes the following areas of work (projects):

Introduction and running in the system is performed on the spot - in the work organization by teamwork LOLA Institute researchers and experts of these organizations. 

2. Introducing of maintenance system according to the technical condition

The main objective of this program is to rationalize the maintenance process - especially improving technology maintenance. Setting the concept of maintenance is carried out by applying the methods of monitoring:


Implementing system for maintenance according to the technical conditions include the following main activities

The program is carried out through team work of LOLA Institute experts and expert from client organization.


3. Making technological design of facilities for maintenance and production of spare parts and components

Technology and design of plant maintenance (according to the structure of the workshop papers, warehouses, facilities planning, and other maintenance personnel, clothing, etc.). LOLA Institute performed both for future and existing labor organizations.

Project task include the following basic elements:


4. Performing a practical intervention in maintaining using the skills and experience from other research lines LOLA Institute in maintenance of machinery, plants and equipment 

LOLA Institute for external business partners is taking a series of practical interventions:

  1. Technical diagnostics of the exploitation condition of plant and equipment based on vibration testing,
  2. Dynamic balancing of rotating machines in their own bearings in one or more correction planes,
  3. Technical diagnostics of the exploitation condition at the plant based on determining the geometric accuracy of machine and operating system,
  4. Design and implementation of appropriate support mode of production equipment.